SaintsFunder Projects can be created by students, university members and alumni. We review all projects for suitability based on the quality of the presentation of the projects, their goals and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the teams behind them.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many sponsors, each making an individual, small donation in return for a small reward. We want to provide a digital tool to groups, clubs and university members who would otherwise struggle to find funding from other sources and give access to funding opportunities like never before at St Andrews.

What’s all or nothing funding?

We ask you for two amounts - the minimum you need, and your ultimate target. Funds only change hands if a project has reached its minimum once it hits the end date. This means you can only carry out your project and deliver rewards if you achieve this minimum target. We recommend setting the minimum at the smallest amount you need to complete your project and ensuring successful delivery of rewards.

Can I raise more than my funding target?

Yes! There is no ceiling to how much you can raise and it is common for projects to raise more than their minimum and sometimes more than their top funding target.

How do I create a project?

Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target and completion date, and some rewards for pledges. You will also be required to complete an online application form detailing your plan of action! Images and videos can also bring your project to life.We offer advice, tips, and feedback all along the way as well as through the User Guides and Handbooks available. If you have any questions just contact us.

Are there any fees?

There are no additional fees so 100% of the funds you raise will contribute to funding your project.