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Welcome to SaintsFunder! Here we've published some of the university's most exciting fundraising efforts. Friends of the university can support creative and innovative projects that appeal to them.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many sponsors, each making an individual, small donation in support of your project. The platform will showcase projects to a potentially huge audience, giving sponsors an easy way to give to the projects they love.

All or Nothing Funding?

Every project must achieve its minimum needed by its completion date or no funds change hands. Why? Part of the appeal of crowdfunding is that sponsors get to engage with projects and can be sure that support given will help fully fund the intended project to completion.

What is a project?

When you publish your idea or event, we call it a project. For your idea to become a project, you must have a clear goal, a plan to promote your project and be able to explain how you will spend the funds you raise.


As an incentive, you can provide different rewards depending on the amount given or number of supporters. They are not monetary rewards but a token of appreciation for your supporters – view the Rewards Guide for ideas!

Who are the sponsors?

Your sponsors could be individuals such as alumni, friends, and family. Occasionally, they may also be complete strangers! The number of people your project reaches is up to you.

Project Feedback

It is important that our sponsors get some feedback on how the project went and to see the outcome of their support. That’s why each project will submit a short update at the end when the funds have been used, so it can be shared with your supporters.


User Guide
Rewards Guide
Promotion Guide

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