Amy Gordon, Volunteer Zambia 2023

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Fundraising for me to coach netball in Zambia and Learn from Coaches in country!

A short summary of MY project

Volunteer Zambia is a programme run by the Wallace Group, which operates through a collaboration between eight UK universities (including St Andrews). It uses sport as a tool to engage, educate and empower young people both in Zambia, around Lusaka, and the UK and enables them to learn key skills such as teamwork and communication while focusing on the enjoyment which sport can bring to the lives of young people. 

Who AM I?

My name is Amy and I am a second year student at the University of St Andrews studying International Relations. I've been playing netball for around 8 years and have been lucky enough to play for my school, the East Coast Swifts Club and now for my university. I've loved every second of my experience playing and helping others to learn the sport. I am beyond excited for this challenge. I can't wait to gain new skills, project my love for netball onto the community in Zambia and learn lots of new skills along the way!

MY story

Alongside a group of other students from the Wallace group universities, I am raising money to work with coaches to deliver a netball programme to kids of all ages. This program has been running for several years and strong connections have been established between in-country coaches, communities and sports teams. Every year students that travel to Zambia aim to develop and build these connections even further and learn as much as we possibly can from the programme and people, whilst simultaneously doing what we can to promote and develop all aspects of sport to children and communities.  

I love sport and I love helping others get involved in sport, as I've seen first-hand the massive benefits it can have on people's life, both from coaching experience and from my own playing experience. The fact that I have the opportunity to share this with others, while learning and developing my coaching and life experience is truly amazing, and I feel so lucky and excited to have this opportunity!! 

Where will the money go??

First of all, I plan to raise money by:

- Holding charity sports day 

- Holding a coffee morning in my hometown in East Lothian

- Bake sale

- Quiz night 

Funds raised will go towards:

- Covering travel costs, accommodation, vaccinations.

- Helping support in-country costs and areas of greatest need within the programme


I will also be giving out some rewards to thank people who are donating so please check them out! 

Please help me succeed!!

- You don't need to give money to help me succeed!

- Please share this project with anyone you think would support me – on Twitter, Facebook,   LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. Please don’t forget to   sign up as a Helper or Follower.

- In fact, share it with everyone you know - it's a great idea, and the more people who know about   it, the more likely I am to achieve my goal. And I know I said you don't need to give money to        help, but I'd love it if you did! Please sponsor me and help make this happen. I am so excited to      be taking part in this wonderful project. Thank you!

Here is a link to a short video to show you how amazing this programme  truly is!