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Supporting children in North East Fife

A short summary of OUR project

The University of St Andrews Hockey Club is looking to develop and grow hockey in the local area by reducing barriers to access sport in the North East Fife area. We are also looking to improve  and broaden the programme at the University to make hockey more accessible for Junior players.

Who are we?

The Hockey Club run the Junior Hockey Programme in the University and have been providing support to local schools and Juniors for the last 7 years.

our story

Over the last 7 years the Junior Hockey programme at the University has grown considerably from around 20 players in the first year to around 100 in 2022. As we continue to grow we are faced with new challenges to develop the opportunities for Juniors without increasing costs considerably for participants. We believe that sport should be for all and that team sports are a great way to build as an individual from a young age so we are looking for support to allow more players to access hockey from a young age.

Hockey is one of the few sports in Scotland with a balanced gender split so it is a great team sport for boys and girls to join.

Where will the money go?

We are looking for donations to go towards allowing players to continue to access the sport in various areas such as buying Junior sticks so that new players can use suitable sticks, Goalkeeper kit so that we can play in games against other clubs. Lastly we want to create a sense of community within the club and would love to be able to host an end of season awards ceremony for the Junior players!

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