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This project received pledges on Mon 31 Dec 2018
Help another bright fresher make their own discoveries at St Andrews, just like you did...

If you look back at your time as a student here at St Andrews, I’m sure you’ll remember this as a place of discovery. Perhaps you were taught by someone who inspired you to follow a particular career? Or you discovered a passion that’s still a big part of your life? Or you discovered lifelong friends or found the love of your life … Whatever you discovered, it probably shaped who you are today.

🎁We need your help!  Please give this same opportunity to another bright young person who would love to accept their place at St Andrews, but who would struggle because of lack of funds.🎁

Why give to Wardlaw SCHOLARSHIPS?

Because coming from a low-income background or growing up in care or having a difficult start in life should not prevent young people from being able to come to university. With your support, we can help them to share the same opportunities and experiences you did.

We reach out every year to the University community to help provide scholarships of £4,000 per annum to support such students with the increasing cost of living.

A gift of ANY size – no gift is too small! – can make a difference. If everyone contributes, we can really make a change to students' lives.

At the moment we can only award a scholarship to three out of every ten eligible applicants, and we want to do more - your support will make a difference.

❤ Rebecca is one such scholar who is receiving funding for each year of her MA Arts course. She is now in her second year:

‘I am ever so grateful to the donors of the Wardlaw Scholarship and I really hope they can recognise how stable they are making the lives of students through this extremely generous gift of financial support. I use the scholarship – in addition to my income from part-time work – to help me get through the year.”

Rebecca has also been volunteering as a mentor and helping with our Widening Access summer programmes and is only one of a growing group of flourishing scholars, thanks to you. 

❤Ben Thompson, Class of 2007, Human Biology is one of our Wardlaw supporters:

‘It has been 11 years since I left, but I remember it like yesterday. University is a precious time but I know how hard it is to make ends meet, especially with such high rents these days. I’ve been fortunate enough to have benefited from scholarships myself, and I am now in a position to help another student experience the best time of their life, too.’

❤Matthew Richardson, Class of 2009, Sustainable Development who is also a regular donor, says:

'I am a great believer university should be about your ability and not your ability to pay. If my donations over the coming years help to stop one person from dropping out due to money worries or allow someone from a less privileged background to go and study at St Andrews then it’s all been worth it.'

Please join others in supporting this fund and make a gift now! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

How will your gift help?

All your gifts will go into the Wardlaw fund, but here’s how your money can help a student on a day-to-day basis – perhaps you remember some of them 😊:

• £1 will buy a can of beans – a student staple!

• £3 will buy a membership of a student society, which means fun, friends and wonderful memories

• £8.50 will buy a student bus ticket – some students can’t afford to stay in town and this will help with travel

• £50 - £100 will buy a textbook to help with their studies

£4000 – will help towards funding an entire first year!

£16,000 – will help towards funding their undergraduate degree!

Follow us & please share, share, share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog – or even better sign up as a helper and help raise even more!

EVERY gift counts in supporting the next Wardlaw Scholar…

We would also love to hear how studying at St Andrews has shaped your life. Post a comment with your gift, and share your discoveries with us – including the scholars you will support.