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Help me get to Kazemba so I can teach English to local school children!

About the project

I am raising money for Volunteer Zambia: Teach.

Volunteer Zambia raises money to fund projects for a primary school in the rural village of Kazemba, previous and on going projects include installing solar panels, donating laptops to the school, building new toilets and funding for children to be able to go onto further education.

I am fundraising to cover my travel costs to Kazemba and my subsistence costs while I’m there, so I can support these projects and help to provide the school children with an opportunity to progress to further education.

Who are we?

I’m a first-year undergraduate studying Physics, and I’m hoping to join the following project team: 

  • Ewan Davies - fellow student at St Andrews
  • Alexander Stanley - project leader
  • Wei Lin - project leader

The story

The team will be based in the rural village of Kazemba in Zambia for around six weeks during summer 2019.

While we are out there, we will be helping teachers and students by supporting learning, teaching literacy skills and generally helping in the wider village and community.

I hope to be able to get to know the children and staff, experience their culture and understand how they deal with the challenges facing them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am so excited to be part of it!

In Zambia, around 1.3 million children have lost one or both parents (mostly due to HIV/AIDS). Kazemba is a microcosm of this tragedy: more than half of the children at the primary school are single or double orphans.

Around 65% of the population of Zambia lives below the poverty line, and this percentage is even higher in Kazemba. Any support we can give will therefore benefit the school, staff and students.

One of our points of focus will be to try to make a difference to the school and its surroundings, as this is where most of the children spend all of their day.

In addition, we also hope to make it possible for more children to continue their education at secondary school: very few get this opportunity.

Where will the money go?

  • I am fundraising to cover the costs of my travel to Kazemba, and subsistence costs during my stay.
  • There is a separate page dedicated to funding physical projects for the school: I hope to become       involved in these once I secure the money I need to travel.
  • Any donations I manage to raise over and above my target will be added to the fundraising project pot      and directed to help strengthen and develop the school and the students and teachers


I will offer the following rewards to thank you for your donations:

  • Donations over £20: a personal note of thanks on Facebook
  • Donations over £50: a personal note of thanks on Facebook and a postcard
  • Donations over £100: a personal note of thanks on Facebook, a postcard and a video clip from Zambia.

Rewards will be sent by 31 August 2019

Thank you so much 🤗

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