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"Up in Smoke: a history of smoking", art exhibition curated by Museum & Gallery students


Smoking has been a hot topic since tobacco was first brought back to Britain from the New World in the 16th century. The perception of smoking has shifted drastically from its heyday in the 19th century to our gradual realisation that it is an indisputable health risk.

This exhibition charts the rise and fall of tobacco through a combination of objects, artworks, literature, advertising and film.  

Join us on this journey in The St Andrews Museum from 14 March until 6 June 2020  


We are nine students taking the MLitt Museum and Gallery Studies course at the University of St Andrews. Up in smoke: a history of smoking is a group project that will enable us to put the theory of our course into practice by elaborating an exhibition and acquiring professional experience in curatorship.

We are working under the guidance of Dr Agnes Bos (Lecturer, School of Art History) and Janice Crane (Curator, Fife Cultural Trust). 


The topic of our exhibition is controversial and challenging. Everyone – students included – belongs to a smoking category, whether that’s as a regular smoker, an occasional smoker, a non-smoker or a passive smoker. Everyone has an opinion about it. We want this exhibition to spread awareness of the economic and health effects of tobacco and to trace the history of a social practice that influenced the world. 

Where will the money go?

We have an existing budget of £2,500 for the exhibition, but are aiming to reach £3,300 to cover some of the following expenses:

• Launch event on Friday 13 March

• Health and wellbeing workshops and talks

• Cessation information

• Display hardware

• Printed marketing materials

• Security for the loan of specialist objects


We are grateful for any and all contributions and would like to give our supporters the following awards:

  • Above £5: thank you! 
  • Above £10: thank you and a mention on the blog!
  • Above £30: thank you, a mention on the blog and a special guided tour of the exhibition by us when it’s launched!



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Disclaimer: The exhibition and associated fundraising does not promote or support smoking. The exhibition is a factual and historical look at the history and development of smoking from 16th century until today. Focus will also include health and wellbeing and cessation campaigns. 

(All donations will be held securely for the sole purpose of funding exhibitions associated to the MLitt Museum and Gallery Studies course.)