Please help us to support students in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis and high energy costs are having a considerable impact on students, with many experiencing even greater financial pressures than before. The cost of living crisis is an ongoing issue that will likely be felt in this, and the next few academic years. Attending university was already expensive and the current financial climate has only made things even more challenging for many of our students. The Guardian Saints Appeal is aimed at raising funds for the Student Support Fund, which provides a variety of financial hardship support for current students. We are inviting our global alumni community to be Guardian Saints of our current students, by donating to the Student Support Fund and thereby allowing more students to apply and receive financial assistance in these tough times. 


Every donation made will add to the amount of funding available and therefore allow us to help a greater number of students who are struggling financially. We also hope that the increased funds will encourage other students to seek support; those who may not consider themselves in severe hardship but are cutting back on food or heating just to make ends meet. Student life and welfare can be improved by providing reassurance and support for ALL our students who are finding finances challenging in the ongoing cost of living crisis.

By allowing our students to be less worried about making ends meet, we are also allowing them to concentrate in their academic studies and fulfil their potential here at St Andrews.

Please join us as a Guardian Saint by donating today and help our students achieve their potential.