Recreate your foam face, have fun, share your memories and support the current students!

Relive your raisin Monday & support our students too!

Raisin Monday - where we welcome first year students into our academic families with fun, fancy dress and (lots of) foam - is one of the best-loved St Andrews' traditions and the one that everybody tends to remember. 

What was your Raisin Monday like? What did you and your other fellow siblings dress as? A cartoon character? A basket of fruit? 

This year, we, the Class Gift 2021 and other fellow students, would love for you to RELIVE your own Raisin Monday and support our students at the same time!

who are the class gift?

We are a group of students who run a fundraising campaign every year for student causes. This year, it was decided in an open-vote to support the Student Support Fund. This makes awards available to any undergraduate or postgraduate student who is experiencing immediate financial difficulty and can be used towards books, IT equipment, rent, bills and groceries. These awards are means tested and administered through Student Services.

how can you help? - have fun, be creative, send us photos

Did you get our letter? Please use the foam sachet and if there's not enough (or you didn't receive it)  find your own, get creative, get your camera & send us your photos!! 

Let our students know you're supporting them. Recreate your own Raisin Monday look, come up with a new look or even recreate an iconic St Andrews scene. Are you in touch with your academic family? Perhaps you can challenge each other and send us your family update. Have fun and send your photographs to We would love to see your creations!

You can also help by making a gift that relates to your class year (for example donate £20.16 if you graduated in 2016). By doing this, you can contribute towards the following awards for students in financial difficulty:

  • £20-25 for a week's grocery
  • £50-100 for a textbook
  • £100 supports utilities bills
  • £500-600 for a month's rent

Or any gift of any size will help.

thank you for your support

We look forward to receiving your photos and thank you for joining together with us. 

please help us succeed!

  • Take part and send in your photos so we can share them with this year's students.
  • If you cannot donate at this time, you can help in other ways: share this project on social media with anyone and everyone and help spread the word by signing up as a Helper or Follower.
  • Stay connected via University of St Andrews Alumni Network Facebook and Twitter.


Raisin monday foam fight (pre-pandemic) video

Photo gallery of creative raisin monday relived

            Two flatmates reliving the foam fight. (photo by Alice Vine)

Housemates smooshing in foam pies into each other's faces in their yard.

Foam face greetings from an alum.

cover photo by Gayle McIntyre of University of St Andrews