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Raising money to support students in financial hardship, with the Dry Island Buffalo Jump band

Rocking in the Buff Fundraiser

We want to raise £1,000 to support students experiencing financial hardship during the cost of living crisis. We've chosen to do this by raising awareness for supporting students via publicity for our latest song, "Rocking in the Buff", released on the 1st of August 2023; celebrating the joy of human interaction inspired by playing music in public together for the first time since lockdown. Please donate generously if you can via this page, and/or download the song via the links below, to help us strive to make the student experience as accessible as possible at a time when many students are struggling.

Dry Island Buffalo Jump 

The band Dry Island Buffalo Jump consists of current staff, retired staff and local alumni. The band, affectionately known as "The Buff" for short, have been rocking the pubs, concerts and balls since 2008.

The Song

The song itself begins with expressing the frustrations of staring at a screen during lockdown. Livestreams and video meetings mean a two dimensional flattening of a real, 3D, living and breathing experience. It is wonderful that these technologies exist, but the song celebrates the possibilities of being present in the room with friends and colleagues. We are passionate about helping students who have struggled with the pressures associated with the cost of living crisis, including balancing their academic work with supporting themselves financially, and exacerbated by high energy prices and increased costs across all areas of life. This is a crisis for students who were already facing hardship in particular, and we want to help. The money raised via this page, from royalties and from any proceeds from online downloads of the song will all directly help students seeking financial support through the University, and help our community to be accessible for everyone.

Where will the money go?

All donations will go to support students who are at risk of financial hardship via the University's Student Support Fund.


You may give extra generously to have the opportunity to play a percussion instrument on our next single (or can nominate someone on your behalf).

The Video

The video, released on the 1st of August 2023, features a trip visiting fossils (relatively 2D version of the 3D living things) from the coastline around St Andrews in addition to a video call of the band reflecting on the lockdown experience. Included within the footage is a 330 million-year-old track made by a giant sea scorpion (2 metres long and 1 metre wide, now extinct arthropod known as Hibbertopterus) featuring three rows of crescent-shaped footprints on each side of a central groove made by dragging its tail (as identified by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences here at the University).

Rocking in the Buff by Dry Island Buffalo Jump on YouTube

The Audio

The song, released on the 1st of August 2023 is to be available on all streaming and downloading services and all proceeds will be donated to support students in or at risk of financial hardship at the University.

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