Rocking in the Buff

A project by: Dry Island Buffalo Jump


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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Dec 2023

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Thanks so much for donating to the Rocking in the Buff SaintsFunder to Sue and Kitty! This project is making a difference to students in danger of financial hardship and we are very greatful for you being a part of it! Thanks again from the Buffalos!

Brilliant idea and a very worth cause. Good luck.

I thought 'Rocking in the Buff' might be in the American sense of 'in the Buff' - Disappointed, well, maybe a little. :-)

Thanks for the kind words and for the donation Tamsin! It was an honour to play for you and your family and friends. THe donation will help students in risk of hardship so that's so much ofr giving generaously! You also quality for playing percussion on our next recording (or can nominate somone) so do email to discuss!

Happy birthday Bettina - donation in gratitude for a great party and fantastic Dry Island Buffalo Jump performance! Love Tamsin, David, Alice and Dominic