Are you Honey enough?

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Score a high Honey factor by helping to fund a student bursary!

We all know St Andrews student, John Honey set the bar for famous and daring deeds – single-handedly rescuing five men from a sinking ship in St Andrews Bay. Today, you have the chance to see how YOU stack up. 

If you haven’t already, discover your Honey Factor with our  highly researched and academic quiz…

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No matter how you scored. You can still be as selfless as john honey by giving your class gift to the students' bursary fund to help those who really need a helping hand.

Whether you are graduating this year after four wonderful years at St Andrews, or you are already an alumni and part of our community, you can leave a graduating gift mirroring your year of graduation. Anyone can give towards the fund and help provide more awards to more students.

Remember - you can still be a modern-day legend without having to rescue anyone from the sea.

When you leave your gift, we would love you to tell us about your most memorable John-Honey-type good deed this year.  

Thanks, you’re a real Honey!😇