Are you Honey enough?

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4 years, 5 months ago

St Andrews has had a HIGH Honey Factor this Graduation week – but it can always be higher!

Our resident John Honey has been out and about listening to all of your good deeds, so take a look below at some of our favourites for inspiration, and don't forget to donate. "Donating clothes and shopping sustainably!" "I made someone feel less lonely" "I organised a surprise party for a friend who's been struggling" "I looked out for a first year in halls who looked lonely and always made an effort to talk." Your gift ensures that St Andrews continues to thrive as a community of kindness, and that those students who need a helping hand can live comfortably.

So be a Honey, give a gift to the Student Bursary Fund and don't forget to tell us YOUR Honey deed while you're at it!