Hardship appeal

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The St Andrews Renaissance Singers gave a concert in St Salvator's on the 14th April. The concert was free, but a retiring collection was made to support the Ukraine appeal. This raised Β£210.

While we are far in distance, we are not in our cares. We sincerely hope that knowing how many are praying for the Ukrainians brings comfort and hope.

Admiration as always for the University in ensuring that vulnerable groups are supported. Support breeds loyalty and builds our culture.

Support and solidarity for all those studying from/ in Ukraine, their families and all those affected. The Boardman Family. β€πŸ€—πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Pleased to note St Andrews' positive support of Ukrainian nationals. Delighted to support this worthy cause

I hope this will help in a small way.

Wishing every Ukrainian and Russian student and staff member and their loved ones peace, safety and freedom. I hope you and your beautiful lands have a brighter future with the opportunities to achieve all you deserve. Fred

This a a wonderful project to support.

In my time at university we helped students involved in fleeing the 1956 uprising and resulting tumult ,I think it was in Poland,and it felt good to help then,and now I know many Ukrainian born families here in Canada so want to do what little I can for their sakes,also because I was so priviledged to be a St Andrews student and free and living a good life in the UK once world war two ended, and am lucky to live in Canada now.

Also, praying every day for the end of this war

Donated in the hope that bullies ultimately never prosper and that there will be a return of happier days for all Ukrainians in our community

I have joined demos for Ukraine & my wife Carol & I are considering accomodating refugees

I'm please to give my support in aid of the students, faculty and members of the St. Andrews community who have been affected and experienced hardships from this tragic event.

For Ukraine use.

Hi, Fwiw you might find it helpful to provide the option of a monthly (e.g.) contributions. I find it easier to commit to a smaller monthly payment than a lump sum. best william turpin

Hope the world peace, help any needs.

I am a retired paediatrician. I still care passionately for children especially those who are suffering. If there is anything my expertise can help you with regarding this project please ask me.

I am really concerned about students from all nations who were studying in Ukraine and who have had to evacuate, with no immediate prospect of finishing their studies. Is there anything we can do to help?

Slava Ukraini <3

Thank you for your enormous support of the student community.

Stand with Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Best wishes

Thanks for organising this. Pray for Ukraine.